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5 ❀ action [fourth wall event]

[You know what makes life so much easier?

A flying chair, that's what.

And that's exactly what Dist has had returned to him today, much to his surprise. Not that he's complaining at all. He missed the thing immensely. Travelers and newcomers, you may have a hard time missing a fabulously-dressed man flying around in a gaudy armchair cackling as he does so.

Yeah, he really missed this chair.]


[Travelers and newcomers may also have a hard time missing Dist with this...thing on the outskirts of Goldenrod City. He's training his Pokemon against it, so there are lasers and small explosions flying every which way in the area while Dist supplies commands from up in the air.

The chair was one thing, but one of his beloved robots suddenly making an appearance makes no sense to Dist. Still, he's not passing up the opportunity to test its durability against Pokemon attacks. If it can stand up to even the most powerful attacks his Pokemon throw at it, perhaps he can build brand new ones for Team Rocket use. That would help him up the ranks for sure!

In the midst of all this, he sends a short video to the Rocket Frequency, showing a view of the battle going on. He starts the feed with a cackle.]

My fellow Rockets, I present to you the super ultra magnificent Kaiser Dist! As you can see, it is a finely-crafted fontech that can resist a great deal of damage from Pokemon attacks and has plenty of powerful offensive attacks of its own.

[He briefly fixes the 'Gear on himself to finish off his little speech. That evil glasses gleam has never been so appropriate for how he is feeling right now.]

I generously invite you to come to Route 34 and see this masterpiece in person, because if I get the resources to build more of them, you may get to command one of your own in the future! Ta-ta.
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Commotion! Danger! And...was that an explosion? Oh no... Utena rushes to the sound to make sure nobody's hurt, and soon, comes across the sight of a man floating in some sort of weird, sci-fi hoverchair, shooting lasers and explosions at poor, hapless pokemon! Perhaps, if she was closer, she could have heard his commands, and maybe gotten a better idea of the situation at hand. But for now...]


[Sprints towards the site of the battle, fury on her face]

What do you think you're doing?!
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Wait, you're-

[She looks around, and... well, maybe the pokemon aren't as distressed as she assumed. Wow, talk about embarrassing. But, even so...]

Don't you think this is a bit extreme? [Still speaking loudly, but this time, it's less out of anger and more to be heard. Because...well, you can't really use your indoor voice when you're talking to a guy who's floating in the air] I mean, this is some pretty heavy-duty stuff, don't you think?!
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[Well, are they? Utena hesitates, and instead of answering him right away, she glances around at the pokemon around her to see how they're doing. She's not exactly the poke-whisperer here, but maybe she can tell whether or not any of them are hurt]